Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m excited to share my story and explain why I’m so passionate about self-care.

For the past twenty years, I have been deeply entrenched in the corporate world of finance, navigating the pressures of career demands while carrying the weight of past experiences. To be honest – while I was ticking off achievements, inside, I was crumbling.

I reached a breaking point where change became non-negotiable. So, I took a leap, left the world of finance behind, and tried something different. However, even in my new role, I found myself searching for fulfillment. But this pivotal moment kickstarted my journey to self-discovery and ultimately led me to where I am today, embracing self-care and sharing my experiences with you.

I dove headfirst into practices like meditation, journaling, and therapy. If you’d told me years ago that I’d be all about “mind-body connection,” I would’ve probably laughed. But surprisingly, these self-care practices became my lifeline, guiding me through challenging times and ultimately transforming my approach to wellness.

True self-care isn’t about chasing flashy fads or Instagram-worthy moments. It doesn’t require extravagant gestures or huge time commitments, either. At its core, self-care is about making simple, intentional choices to nurture yourself daily. It can be as straightforward as preparing a nourishing home-cooked meal or taking a peaceful neighborhood stroll to clear your mind. These modest acts of self-kindness are what cultivate real well-being over time.

This understanding of self-care hit home even harder when a close family member faced preventable health issues. Witnessing their struggles shed light on the importance of holistic wellness. Their challenges, stemming from neglecting both physical and mental health needs, reinforced my commitment to prioritizing self-care in all aspects of life.

That experience fueled my quest to explore alternative approaches to well-being, blending empathy, personal experience, and a profound understanding of transformation. Despite pouring my heart into offering guidance (they asked), my efforts sometimes fell short (they didn’t even want to try).

However, this setback reminded me of the potential to make a difference beyond my immediate circle. It made me delve into numerous self-help books and podcasts and inspired me to create this website, curate products in my shop, and launch the Soulful Self-Care newsletter, all with the intention of sharing compassionate wisdom with those on their own journeys.

My commitment lies in providing unwavering support and uplifting others, especially women, through shared knowledge and collective growth. I envision a world filled with vibrancy and joy, and this website is my humble contribution to that vision.

As you navigate this space and engage with the resources I offer, know that everything comes from a place of sincerity – to guide, inspire, and uplift you on your path to well-being. If you’re interested in receiving weekly tips, tools, and free resources, I invite you to subscribe to my Soulful Self-Care newsletter. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey toward self-care.