Monthly Wellness Check-In Worksheets


Your Solution If:  You are looking for a simple yet effective tool to foster mindful reflection on your wellness path.

Take a step towards self-care with our charming Monthly Wellness Check-In Worksheets. Designed for simplicity and adorned with muted blush, white, and pale pink hues, these worksheets feature three unique woman silhouettes.


Eight thoughtfully crafted self-reflection questions.

Reusable PDF format for monthly use.

Muted and soothing color palette.

Usage Options:

Use on your phone, tablet, or computer for digital convenience.

Print for a tangible, hands-on experience (8.5”x 11”).

Why Choose Our Worksheets?

Empower your journey to emotional well-being! Our worksheets encourage mindful reflection and the establishment of beneficial routines. Track your mental well-being effortlessly, month after month.

Key Questions:

Did I take time to reflect on my thoughts and feelings?

Did I create and stick to a new beneficial routine?

Plus, six more insightful questions to guide your self-discovery.

These worksheets are a small investment in your well-being. Download, save, and begin your monthly journey to a healthier, happier you!

***PLEASE NOTE that this is a digital downloadable product. No physical merchandise will be mailed. ***


US Letter Paper Size 8.5 inches × 11 inches


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