Energizing Bodyweight Bingo Challenge Bundle


Your Solution If: You’re ready to revitalize your fitness routine with a delightful blend of workouts and fun.

No more excuses! Transform your at-home fitness routine with our delightful Energizing Bodyweight Bingo Challenge Bundle.

Bundle Features:

Delightful PDF worksheets for a fun, engaging workout challenge.

Workout Guide:

A comprehensive PDF guide with varied exercises targeting different body parts.

Key Highlights:

Check the boxes with a star for each workout completed daily for four weeks.

Vibrant workout colors for a visually appealing and motivating experience.

Reusable PDF format—save and use for each month.

Over 40 Targeted Workouts:

Abs, Cardiovascular, Glutes

Back, Lats, and Arms

Flexibility, and more!

Why Choose Our Bundle?

Our worksheets offer a simple and cute design yet an effective and fun approach to tracking and diversifying your workouts. From abs to flexibility, this bundle empowers you to stay consistent and achieve your fitness goals.


Engage in a fun and challenging workout routine.

Track your progress and celebrate achievements.

This bundle is a must-have for your health and happiness. Download, save, and begin your quest for a stronger, fitter you.

Start your at-home fitness adventure today!

***PLEASE NOTE that this is a digital downloadable product. No physical merchandise will be mailed. ***


US Letter Paper Size 8.5 inches × 11 inches


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